7 tons Dutch-bound cocaine intercepted

Police in Colombia have seized a shipment of 7 tons of cocaine bound for The Netherlands in the port of Cartagena. This is the second biggest bust of cocaine in the last 13 years, Colombian civil servants announced Wednesday. 

A police investigation revealed that the cocaine was hidden in pineapple pulp, and was bound for Rotterdam. No arrests have yet been made.

Colombian Minister of Defense, Juan Carlos Pinzón spoke of this as "an historic seizure", and is calling it "exceptional" investigative work that led to the discovering.

Colombian police have already seized a total of 25 tons of drugs this year. This month alone, 42 kilos of drugs was intercepted on a container ship Cold Stream sailing under an Antillian flag. The ship was coming from Costa Rica and was on its way to the southern Dutch port, Vlissingen.

In March, 240 kilos of cocaine on its way to Belgium was tracked down.