ABN Amro manager killed wife and daughter

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The ex-ABN Amro manager Jan Peter Schittmann (57), whose body was found together with his 57-year old wife Nelly's and his 22-year old daughter Babette's, is now determined as the killer of his family. Schittmann suffered from depression. 

The police announced on Monday that a goodbye note was found in Laren. Schittmann sent an SMS to a family friend with the words: "Please take care of my eldest daughter."

The family reportedly knew that Schittmann suffered from "serious depression", but could never have predicted that Schittmann was in a state to kill firs his own family and then himself. This is from a declaration the family have brought to the public.

"We are deeply shocked and defeated by this inconceivable news. Our first worry is now the support of the other daughter of the family in coping with this inexplicable sadness", the declaration reads.

The other daughter in the family is 24-year old Amsterdam student Renée, and was not home that Saturday morning. The police found three bodies in the family's villa on the Hoge Hoefloo, after an acquaintance called the emergency services.

Forensic investigators spent the day trying to piece together the events, and spoke to family and friends.

On Sunday, an autopsy was done on the three bodies, to rule out other causes of death.

"Out of respect for the family", the police will not say in which way Schittmann killed his family.