Murder suspect Lau G. new boss No Surrender

Notorious murder suspect Lau G. will become the head of a new fraction of the motorcycle club No Surrender in Venlo on Tuesday, according to De Telegraaf. 

In 2007, Lau G. was apprehended because of his suspected involvement in the disappearance of two Moroccans. Fouad Bendella and Karim Fourkour had notified acquaintances that they were going to steal from a marijuana farm. They disappeared, and their bodies were never found.

The police is certain that the two men were murdered, and their bodies dissolved in hydrochloric acid. Lau G. is lead suspect in this case, but has never been prosecuted.

Motorclubs in the Limburg area may develop a tense relationship after the appointment of G., and police presence may have to be sharpened.