Moroccan community condemns Deurne protest

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The National Meeting of Moroccans LBM in the Netherlands has condemned the protest last weekend in Deurne against the woman who shot two Moroccan men who reportedly were robbing her husband's jewelry store.

LBM, which serves as the umbrella organisation of 25 different Moroccan-Dutch organisations, said today that the Moroccan youth who staged the protest went too far. "Young people of Moroccan descent need to start behaving appropriately," said LBM spokesman Brahim Bourzik according to Elsevier. Deurne, a little town in Brabant, was thrust into the national spotlight last Friday after a shooting in a jewelry store that left two young men of Moroccan descent dead. It had reportedly been Marina Sanders, wife of jGoldies ewelry store owner Willy who shot the men who were allegedly robbing the store. The Prosecutor's Office of Eindhoven has meanwhile classified the shooting as a case of self defense; Marina and her husband are considered suspects, but are not being treated as such. The woman has won praise on social media, with many people calling her a hero. On Sunday a few dozen young Moroccans took to the streets to protest this hero status; they charged that the Prosecutor's Office had acted  too premature in deciding it had been self defense. Police quickly shut the protest down because the demonstrators did not have a license. Bourzik said it does not matter that the Prosecutor's Office released the identity of one of the men who was shot dead. "I am sure the Prosecutor's Office had its reasons for doing that," he said, adding that this case again points at the omnipresence of young Moroccans in crime statistics which again raised the question what the community will do to offer young Moroccans perspectives.


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