Jeweler who killed robbers had no gun permit


The wife of the jewelry store owner who was burgled in Deurne on Friday evening did not have a weapons license according to head officer of justice Bart Niewenhuizen in an announcement on Monday. It is also still unclear if it was her who shot the gun.

Extra police manpower was installed in the surroundings of the jewelry store Goldies on Monday evening. The officers are there to enforce the new ban on groupings and demonstrations that the mayor introduced. With these new measures, the mayor wants to prevent confrontations such as those which happened on Sunday.

The mayor banned demonstrations and gatherings of more than four people when he got wind that a group of demonstrators was on its way on Monday for a confrontation. Wishing to avoid tension, the mayor enforced the rule.

Youths on Monday would not show their faces. For them, a gathering was organized in a community center Eindoven, but due to high press interest, nobody dared to go inside. The gathering was moved to a secret location.

Whether the shooting was self-defense is still being discussed. The family of the deceased robber Abdel H. have involved themselves in that debate, with their lawyer, Peter Plasman.

The Department of Justice is still investigating what exactly happened, but is not ruling out the possibility that the wife of the jeweler shot in self-defense.