No new identity for Volkert van der G.

Volkert van der G. will not get a new identity when he is freed from prison on the 2nd of May. Sjef van Gennip, director of the rehabilitation, announced on Pauw en Witteman Wednesday night. 

Van der G. will also not be allowed to return to his old home in Hardewijk, because "he is known there", according to Van Gennip.

Van der G. has served two-thirds of his prison sentence for the murder of politician Pim Fortuyn. The Public Prosecution Authority (OM) has certified that nothing stands in the way of his conditional release. A majority of Parliament also supports the plan.

The probational release has been granted Van der G. on good behavior. It has also been determined that there is little to no indication of a repeat offense, nor does Van der G. have any psychological disturbances that would interfere with the conditions of his release.

There are strict rules in play for his freedom, however. Van der G. will have to report with rehabilitation on a weekly basis, is not allowed to be in contact with the family or acquaintances of his victim, Pim Fortuyn. He is also being monitored with a gps, and is under obligation to be supervised by a psychologist and psychiatrist.