20 years jail for burning with three deaths

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The court in Den Bosch has ordered a prison sentence of 20 years and TBS with involuntary treatment against Dennie J.

On the 20th of June last year, J. set a house on fire in Cuijk, which killed a mother and her two daughters.

J., did not tell the judge anything, but swears by it that he can't remember what happened that night. He also denies lighting the fire.

After his crime, J. climbed up a telephone pole in the area and only came down hours afterwards. According to experts, he is less accountable for his actions due to psychological problems.

After an argument with his 14-year old girlfriend, J. poured gasoline on the house, and set it on fire. He also sprinkled gasoline up the stairs leading to the second floor where the victims were sleeping.

The man needs treatment, but a long prison sentence does not stand in the way of a successful treatment of his disturbances, the officer of justice said to justify the abnormally high requirement.

J. said he would agree with the court on any sentence. His lawyer, Ton van Elk de Freese, this shouldn't be seen as a confession. It should be a sign that he doesn't care anymore. Apparently the suspect is suicidal, and started a fire in his cel in November. He had also hung a noose earlier. J. told the judge on Thursday that he no longer wants to live.


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