Many 'phantom votes' during elections

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In many cities, there were more votes counted than voters at the municipal council elections of 19 March. An analysis from the Algemeen Dagblad shows that especially Amsterdam and Rotterdam has been counting many 'phantom votes'.

In Amsterdam, some polling stations counted a surplus of 658 votes, and in other polling stations, a total of 1820 fewer votes than voters were counted. In Rotterdam, there were 1666 phantom votes and in The Hague several hundred. In Utrecht, there was a count of 109 irregularities, in Groningen 53 and in Tilburg 43.

These mistakes in the tally have an overall effect on the result of the elections, as there is such a big difference between the count of voters and ballots. Professor of politicology Marcel Wissenburg states that the result could make a difference for a preferred candidate or seat.

In Amsterdam, a candidate needs 1765 votes to be elected to the council, in Rotterdam this is 1201.