PVV loses fives seats in poll

In the latest poll from pollster Maurice de Hond, the PVV has lost five seats, coming out at 22 seats on Sunday.

PVV-leader Geert Wilders' anti-Moroccan comments of last week are not sitting well with the general public. Around 72 percent of the polled voters find the comments unacceptable, de Telegraaf reports.

Just under a quarter of the voters do, however, think the comments acceptable, and agree with Wilders' plea for fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

Three-quarters of PVV voters says that Wilders' made an acceptable proposal.

People who think that Wilders should be prosecuted over his controversial public speech is 46 percent, another 46 percent don't see this as a necessary step.

Another teo-thirds of the questioned voters said yes to the question of whether other parties have been ignoring the problem of a relatively high Moroccan criminal youth statistic for too long.

In the poll, the D66, which came out on top in many municipalities after the elections last Wednesday, gets three more seats, coming out at 23. With this, the party has most seats, together with the SP, which stayed at 23.

CDA gained two seats, to equal the VVD with 21. This means that five parties all have between 21 and 23 seats.

The PvdA is still unpopular, losing another seat to end up with