Rutte: Working with Wilders, PVV not possible

Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD), believes that any cooperation with the PVV of Geert Wilders is impossible at this time, he said in a reaction on Thursday about Wilders' comments about Moroccans in the Netherlands. 

Rutte said that working together is not a possibility so long as the PVV takes certain standpoints. This counts for the national party, but not for the VVD-branch in The Hague and Almere, where the PVV has a place in the municipal council, he emphasized. These areas have to make that decision for themselves.

Rutte spoke after a European Summit meeting in Brussels, where he claims he was not spoken to by EU colleagues about Wilders' comments. There was a "senior" person who called to Ritte, saying: "That's quite something to have to put up with." Rutte replied "exactly."

Rutte had to repeat that Wilders' speech gave him an extraordinarily bad feeling, and a bad taste in the mouth. The VVD leader said Wilders once again crossed a line.