"Other parties, don't collaborate with PVV"

Geert Wilders, with his choice of words about the entire population of Morocco and their unwelcome place in The Hague, has angered many, but one politician is taking a moment to address other political parties about what the statement means for them. 

Party president Mohamed Rabbae of the National Moroccan Council said that political parties should show that they have backbone and "not collaborate with the wrong PVV" on Wednesday.

During a speech on election results evening for his party, Wilders asked his public in The Hague if they want more or fewer Moroccans in the city and in The Netherlands, the Telegraaf reports. To this, they shouted "fewer, fewer, fewer." Wilders replied: "Then we'll arrange that."

Rabbae has said: "He can go to the moon" about Wilders.

Party president of the VVD, Benk Korthals has called Wilders' comment on Wednesday "tasteless." Korthalls let it be known that he wasn't present for it in The Hague, but said that Wilders' outspoken style is well known. "It's absolutely not my style" and "I just don't like it."

Wilders is a "political hooligan" Bram van Ojik of GroenLinks said Wednesday night. Wilders is "always busy inciting. He lights a fire and watches from a distance how the fire spreads."