Appeal to report Wilders for discrimination

The Dutch Moroccan Cooperation Bond is going to file a complaint against PVV-leader Geert Wilders. The organization is also calling on anyone who feels personally distressed by Wilders to report him as well. 

At the election results of his party in The Hague on Wednesday, Wilders once again crossed the line with a discriminatory remark about Moroccans. He asked attendees if they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the city, to which the chant "fewer fewer fewer" was replied. And Wilders said he would arrange that.

The action led to countless reactions on social media. Twitter blew up with multiple comparisons to Hitler, a comparison Wilders earlier said he would report if it happened again.

Aissa Zanzen, secretary of the Dutch Moroccan Cooperation Bond called Wilders' comment unacceptable. "He is clearly close to racism. He is busy seeding hate" Zanzen said. Zanzen was also on the candidate's list for the PvdA in Amsterdam.

"Wilders is telling an entire group that they are unwelcome. The road to open racism is now free", the secretary emphasize. He states Hitler made his start this way as well. Zanzen thinks the possibility to have a discussion with Wilders is no longer possible, and that the judge will have to take it from here.

Politics reporter Joost Vullings said of Wilders once he stepped off the podium after his speech: "He says on the podium: do you want fewer Moroccans? Then you think he just means fewer Moroccans. But he then says to reporters that he means criminal Moroccans and wants to keep those away, and not all Moroccans."

A resident of The Hague has already filed a report against Wilders for his comment about Moroccans, and the Public Prosecution Authority now has to decide whether it will lead to a prosecution.