Dutch Eurovision entry gets mixed reviews

The Dutch entry for the 59th Eurovision Songfestival will be sung by Ilse DeLange and Waylon. They performed the song Calm After The Storm for the first time on Wednesday. The two singers performed an acoustic version of the song in De Wereld Draait Door. Of the 28 songs that they have recorded together as The Common Linnets, they think that Calm After The Storm is the most beautiful. "We didn't want to fall away in the duet form, but both sing the entire song. Some will say that another song would be more appropriate for the Songfestival. So what" DeLange said. The Netherlands will be in the first semi-finals on the 6th of May, and will compete with Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Estonia, Belgium, Moldavia, and Ukraine. Two days later, the second semi-finals will be planned and the final will be on the 10th of May. DeLange says she's in it for the win. "I am very fanatic. Damn it come on, we're not doing it as a hobby." The song has received mixed reviews so far. It is very much a country ballad with multiple guitars and lilting voices. Paul de Leeuw is calling it "beautiful and distinctive", but thinks that the singers should come across more as a duo. Comedian Dolf Jansen calls the song "too pretty for the Songfestival." Singer Jim Bakkum thinks it's a shame Europe will only hear one song from the band. Radio presenter Sander de Heer is "not convinced yet." During the performance, Ilse DeLange seems to fit the role of contemporary country diva, and Waylon is fitted out with a Bob Dylan-esque hat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDMcWNOutUY