Burglars on the run ram cops; 1 hurt

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Burglars on the run deliberately ran into two motorcycle police officers in the night from Tuesday 11 to Wednesday 12 March in Amersfoort. After a report of a burglary in progress in a store on the Emiclaerhof, around 03:10, 2 motorcycle police officers were the first ones to arrive at the scene.

They saw a car driving off and followed in pursuit. Twice the driver of the car abruptly braked and reversed at full speed, trying to run into the police.  The first time one officer managed to get off his bike in time, but his bike was hit. The second time the driver did hit the second officer, who sustained a leg injury. The driver took off, and other police units were not able to track him down when they arrived. Witnesses are asked to contact the Amersfoort police at 0900-8844 (local charge).