Escorts expect busy days during Nuclear Summit

Escort companies are expecting heavy foot traffic this month during the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. They're looking to make a pretty penny. 

For upwards of €600 per hour, these companies offer 'ladies' to Summit dignitaries. Most of the time, these 'ladies' are students.

"Ten of the forty ladies are already booked", owner of the exclusive Society Service, Marike, says. "That's a lot. Normally, our clients reserve two to eight days beforehand."

The Nuclear Summit will be held on the 24th and 25th of March in The Hague. The city is expecting 58 world leaders, 5000 delegates and 3000 journalists, most of them men.

It seems that the biggest customer base lies in Europe and America. "I have two French men in the agenda", says Zoë Vialet, of Vialet Escortservice. "I haven't had those in my file for years."

Enthusiasts do have to hurry, because hours are getting booked up quickly. Full means full. "A good restaurant with space for forty people also doesn't add extra tables" Marike of the Rotterdam-based Society Service says. "That impedes the quality and the atmosphere."

A lady working for Vialet Escortservice doesn't get into bed for less than €600. The Society Service has a minimum fare of €700 and the Wine & Dine package from The Courtesan Club, which several Summit members have booked, costs €950 and gets you two hours of dinner, and two hours private time in the hotel room.

Escort girls have a discreet and sensitive profession, but this is doubly the case now. Reputations are at stake. A few women from the Society Service have even been requested to sign agreements of secrecy by their clients.

Owner of Society Service, Marike, says that the night of fun doesn't just apply to the men, but also to their dates. "They get to know interesting men who see a lot of the world", she says. "That makes the work extra fun."