325 kilos cocaine seized at Rotterdam port

Rotterdam customs officers seized 325 kg of cocaine, packed in watertight bags, during the past weekend. The bags were possibly going to be put overboard. Customs boarded the ocean vessel, which traveled from South-America to Rotterdam, for an inspection, and found the cocaine in a sealed space.

Nobody was arrested. The HARC-team, a joint undertaking of customs, harbor police, and the Fiscal Inspection and Investigation Service (FIOD), is investigating the origin and the people behind the drugs. Late 2013 a joint effort by several organizations, such as the coastguard, customs, and police intercepted 400 kg of cocaine that was put overboard, just off the coast. Four men in fast boats who picked up the drugs were arrested in that operation. That event marked the first time a drug bust was made offshore. The drugs seized this past weekend have an estimated value of €128 million and were destroyed Saturday.