No jail for robber shot, paralyzed by cop

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Sheldon V., an 18-year-old Amsterdam suspect of armed robberies and kidnapping does not have to go to jail, ruled the court. The suspect was shot during his apprehension and is wheelchair bound since. Instead he is assigned a probation officer from youth care. In April and May last year the suspect and an accomplice committed several armed robberies in Amsterdam and Nieuw-Vennep.

After an attempted robbery of a cafeteria, on May 29 last year, the suspects entered a home, trying to escape the police who were in hot pursuit. A man, who was home with two sleeping kids at the time, was held hostage for about an hour. The situation ended with the police shooting V. in the back, resulting in him becoming paralyzed from the waist down and wheelchair bound for the rest of his life. His 17-year-old accomplice, Stefan T., was sentenced to 18 months youth detention and youth compulsory treatment.