Spring nearly sprung in NL

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The meteorological spring started this past weekend on March 1st, with normal temperatures for early March, 7 to 9 'C. The forecast for the weekend are very pleasant, especially since there will be hardly any wind, according to weerplaza.nl. Temperatures are expected to remain around normal values throughout the week, around 8 'C, but will rise toward the weekend.

"Sunday some weather services reported temperatures around 18 'C for the weekend, but that's too optimistic," said Michiel Severin of weerplaza, who expects a temperature around 10 to 12 'C. "That will still be very pleasant weather, especially since there will be hardly any wind." Severin predicted some showers for today, but dry weather overall, starting tomorrow, with occasional sunny spots. The nights and mornings will still be cold. The astronomical spring will start on Thursday, March 20, 17:57 Dutch time to be exact, when night and day are approximately the same in length worldwide because the sun will be positioned straight above the equator.