Woman demands internship back, files lawsuit

An MBO student of the ROC in Amsterdam is demanding her internship back by means of interim proceedings at the court of justice in Amsterdam. 

The court broke off the internship earlier this month after 2 weeks, because her brother seems to have found himself in the so-called Top 600 of repeat offenders.

The court sent the intern home on 12 February, after she found out that she has a brother with a rap sheet. The brother was meant to appear in front of the judge in Amsterdam the day before. His case has since been transferred to the court of justice of Noord-Holland, to avoid prejudice.

The intern claims not to have any knowledge of that meeting, nor of her brother's place in the Top 600. She also says that the court never asked her for any criminal records of her own or those of her family members during the solicitation procedures.

A Certificate of Good Conduct was issued to her specifically for the internship at the court, as Judicial Employee.

Richard Korver, the woman's lawyer, has urged the court to let the internship continue. The internship, which would last 6 months, must be completed before the end of the school year, otherwise she can't graduate.

Because discussions did not go as planned, interim proceedings have been filed against the court in Amsterdam.

The woman is demanding her place back. If necessary, at another placement within a 60 kilometer range of Amsterdam. If an internship is definitely off the table, then she will claim damages.

The interim proceedings will take place in The Hague today.