Few new details in Els Borst investigation

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Police have found no signs of a burglary at the home of deceased Minister of State, Els Borst, announced a police spokesperson Tuesday on Opsporing Verzocht. Another spokesperson, Bernhard Jens, confirmed this morning on Radio M Utrecht police are almost certain Borst's home was not burglarized. ''We can't be sure for 100 percent, but so far no traces were found that could lead us to believe it was a burglary,' said Jens.

There are a lot of burglary reports in the neighborhood of the former minister. If not a burglary, there are still several scenarios left, such as a political assassination, which is not ruled out by the police. The case was highlighted in Opsporing Verzocht, where police also showed a picture of the blue Renault Clio Borst drove, which resulted in 23 new tips , that are being investigated. Borst traveled by train from Amsterdam to Bilthoven and drove home in her blue Renault Clio. When her body was found Monday evening, the car was in the garage, and the garage door was still open. In "Bureau Hengeveld" on RTV Utrecht police will highlight the case again, showing the picture of Borst's car. 'It may help jog people's memory,' said Jens. The more people remember, the better. Police deny rumors as would the investigation be laborious. 'It may seem that way, but a lot has to be done and it needs to be done thorough, and that takes time. We still have enough leads to work with.'