Heartvertising: wake-up call

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The "Heartvertising" project aims to act as a wake-up call to people who live their lives on automatic pilot, and encourage them to follow their heart and live their dreams. Boomerang cards, posters at bus stops, a billboard and an exposition bring the message across from February 18-24. Twelve artists, among whom the Amsterdam graffiti specialist Zender, try to convince people to take their lives off the automatic pilot, and "follow their heart" .

The campaign is an initiative of newcomer Amsterdam advertising agency, Kokoro, who won the "best newcomer" prize last year. The initiative is based on an article in the Huffington Post, late 2013, of Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse. Ware provided end-of-life care and kept notes on what people regretted most on their death-bed. By far most people regretted not living their dream, according to Rik Heimen of Kokoro. Heimen hopes the campaign will motivate people who have an idea or a dream to pursue it. The exhibition is at the Hutspot Amsterdam on the Woustraat.