Cities not enforcing tourist marijuana ban

The lack of control on marijauana sales means that foreigners are still able to buy weed at 85 percent of coffeeshops in the Netherlands, the NOS reports. 

An investigator from the NOS, Nicole Maalste from the University of Tilburg, discovered that only 23 of the 103 municipalities with a coffeeshop actually control if marijuana is sold to tourists.

This happens most often in Brabant and Limburg. The biggest reason that municipalities don't control the marijuana ban is because the sale of weed to foreigners doesn't lead to nuisance. In some municipalities, foreigners rarely set foot in coffeeshops either.

According to the University of Tilburg's investigation, only seven counts of observed violations have occurred in municipalities where the law on soft drugs sale is controlled.

There will be a debate on Thursday afternoon in the House of Commons on coffeeshop policy. The sale of marijuana to foreigners will also be addressed here, as well as the desire of various municipalities for  regulated marijuana cultivation.