Two injured in A'dam shooting; five arrests

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A man is in intensive care at the hospital after a fight broke out in the Pretoriusstraat in Amsterdam on Friday night. 

The man was walking around with a bullet in his body for a few hours after the fight, before he brought himself to hospital.

A large group of men started fighting in a supermarket at around 8 p.m. on friday. They came to blows after an argument got out of hand, police say. Supermarket security was able to bring the fight outside. In front of the door, shots were fired.

The police has arrested five men, two of whom were injured. Many of the involved are known with the police, because they make up a "not unfamiliar group with us", a spokesperson for the police said. Most of the men are in their twenties.

The brawlers who have not yet been apprehended, will be heard by the police.

Eye witnesses are urged to contact the police.