Week in review: February 8-14

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The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features the death of former Minister Els Borst, Minister Plasterk has to explain himself to Parliament for tapping 1.8 million phone calls, the threats to a Moroccan woman who opened a wine bar in Rotterdam, a Veenendaal football fan who dies in a fireworks accident, grieving dads who plead for mandatory carbon monoxide detectors, and a bus accident in the Filipines that killed 14 people, among whom one Dutch. Former minister of Health, Els Borst in her home in Bilthoven at age 81.

A found Borst' body after she skipped a living room concert without cancellation and didn't answer her phone or answer any voice mails. On February 11, , Minister of National Affairs, had to explain to Parliament why the Dutch Intelligence tapped 1.8 million phone calls. , a 40-year-old female Moroccan entrepreneur, was unpleasantly surprised by death threats after opening her wine bar, Uvo Dolce, in Rotterdam. The brand new businesswoman in turn sought publicity to , but hopes the fuzz will abate soon. A 26-year-old man died in a , during a victory party. A trauma helicopter was rushed to the scene, but the victim was beyond help. The fathers of two girls, who died from , are pleading for mandatory detectors. They set up a Facebook page to collect "Likes" and intend to use them to demand action from the Government. A bus with 47 passengers crashed 395 ft. down , killing 14 people. Dutch Anne van de Ven who was on a world tour, was one of the victims. Check out for the rest of the news and stories this week.