Plasterk withholds information once again

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Minister Plasterk has only just survived a critical debate in Parliament, but he's out of the frying pan and into the fire now as he is once again involved in a complicated and sensitive issue.  The opposition is asking Plasterk for clarification about a damning report about the State Representative on Bonaire. Various opposition parties find it puzzling that minister Ronald Plasterk (Internal Affairs, PvdA) did not immediately act on a recommendation to replace Wilbert Stolte (CDA). These parties are also criticizing Plasterk because he neglected to share the report with Parliament in November. The piece, which is confidential but has been leaked, reveals that on the BES islands (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba) there is a lack of trust in Stolte, who is said not to function well. Stolte himself decided in September to quit starting the 1st of May, 2014.

Stolte is in place on Bonaire to serve as a sort of commissioner of the King. It is being said that he did not supervise the Water and Energy company sufficiently. He is also being blamed for having too close ties with the UPB, a sister party of the CDA. Stolte is appointed to oversee the integrity of leaders on Bonaire. Politicians are angry that they had to learn the contents of the report about Stolte's functioning via the media in the Antilles, as the report has been on Plasterk's desk since November. Last week, Plasterk suddenly sent a letter with the message that the report "confirms his impression of the seriousness of the situation." He would rather have waited with this information until the evaluation of the problems on Bonaire is finished. A commission is exploring how to better the representation on the islands. In September, MP for D66, Wassila Hachchi, already raised the issue. "Then Plasterk didn't see a reason to replace Stolte. A few months later he gets that recommendation. Why is this not announced to us immediately? We also want to know why Plasterk didn't immediately follow up on the recommendation to send Stolte away." The ChristenUnie also has its brow furrowed over the issue. MP Gert-Jan Segers said "it is important enough to share with Parliament." MP for the Socialist Party Ronald Van Raak adds that "the piece has been kept under the hat." There will be a debate over the case. Plaster's spokesperson wants to let it be known that no information has been withheld. "It was the agreement to first wait for the complete evaluation. This has also been communicated several times with Parliament."