NL-jihadist shows chopped-off head on Twitter

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Abu Abdurahman, who claims to be jihadist Khalid K. from Almere, posted a picture on Twitter, showing him holding a chopped-off head of a man. The identity of the victim is unknown. Khalid K., who is of Iraqi descent, was arrested in 2011 on suspicion of terrorism, but was released after 2 weeks, when the court ruled there was no sufficient evidence to keep him locked up.

Dutch Intelligence had tipped off the public prosecution that K. intended to join the al-Qaida in Syria, and that he planned to carry out attacks in Iraq and Palestinian areas. After his release K. still left for Syria and joined Isis, a Muslim extremist organization. Khalid K. lived in Almere for years on a temporary permit. The man was disabled, due to a psychological disorder. The public prosecution dismissed the case last year, because K. doesn't have the Dutch nationality and was issued an entry ban for 20 years. The prosecution is aware of the picture on Twitter. 'It has our attention,' said a spokesperson for the prosecution.