Lunchroom cleanliness ratings to go online

Diners will no longer have to envision themselves in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares as new initiative wants to publicize lunchroom cleanliness online. 

The Dutch food safety authority (NVWA, Nederlandse Voedsel- en Warenautoriteit) is planning to place inspection results on their website from June.

People can see if lunchrooms keep to the standards of cleanliness, and good entrepreneurs can place themselves apart from the rest, the inspectorate announced on Thursday.

Lunchrooms will be color-coded. Green businesses follow the rules, orange lunchrooms need to improve, and red ones are under strenuous observation.

If the NVWA does not have any details on a lunchroom, the establishment will appear white on the website.

"Let's say that the business of mister Jansen is red, then next to that it will state that hygiene is not up to standard. The consumer can then make an informed decision. But it is not so detailed that we write that mouse droppings were found at mister Jansen's place, and that the ceiling above the cooker is open and dust could get into the food", a spokesperson for the NVWA explained.

The NVWA wants to broaden inspection results to other hotel and catering industry categories as well.