Dike surveyors to fine dog owners

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The bodies of dike surveyors, Zuiderzeeland (Flevoland) and Groot Salland (Overijssel) are going to more strictly enforce the rules on the Flevoland dikes, when it comes to unleashed dogs. The holes the dogs dig in the grass costs the surveyors thousands of euros annually. Officially no dogs are allowed on the dikes, but the surveyors turn a blind eye, because they understand people enjoy walking their dogs there.

However, owners don't pay attention to what their pets are doing and every hole a dog digs means a weak spot in the dike, especially during bad weather. Every hole has to be filled back up with clay, and fresh grass needs to be sown. It takes 2 years before the grass has fully recovered. Dog walking services cause the biggest problem for Zuiderzeeland in Flevoland, because they unleash many dogs at the same time, causing thousands of euros in damage annually. In Groot Salland the surveyors placed a warning sign, hoping it'll prompt dog owners to keep a more watchful eye on their beloved pet. The fine for an unleashed dog is 90 euros.