Bus accident in Filipines kills one Dutch

A bus with 47 passengers crashed 395 ft. down into a ravine, killing 14 people, among whom a Canadian tourist and the 26-year-old Dutch Anne van de Ven from Vorstenbosch, reported police Friday. At least 30 other people were injured, among them Van de Ven's travel partner, Annemiek Verwegen, who was admitted to a hospital severely injured. Van de Ven quit her job as a teacher to travel the world, and only into the second week of her two-month stay in the Philippines, she was planning on going to Australia next.

The bus was on its way from Manilla to Bontoc. It is still unclear why the bus drove off the road on one of the mountains into a 1,640 ft. deep ravine. Reports of the brakes not working have not been confirmed. One of the dead is the famous Filipino actor and activist, Tado. Filipino media reported the victims received help from farmers in the area before emergency services arrived. The weather was clear at the time of the accident. An investigation will have to reveal whether the accident is due to a technical malfunction or a driver error.