Russian boycot hits Dutch pork industry hard

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After initially banning pork and pork products from Lithuania this past Saturday, because of an outbreak of African swine fever, Russia extended the ban to the entire European Union this week. The Dutch pork branch loses 2 to 3 million euros a week as a result of the ban.

In a response to the news the European Commission announced to find the measure disproportionate, according to the spokesperson for commissioner Tonio Borg.

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Audrey Graanoogst

Borg will contact the Russian authorities and try to convince them the European Union has taken adequate measures to prevent further spreading of the very contagious disease.

Russia's ban of European pork is based on a bilateral agreement, stating Russia can close its borders if African swine fever is detected in any of the member states.

The European Union is the primary supplier of pork to Russia, and Russia is the primary consumer market for the European Union. Last year Dutch suppliers exported 55,000 tons of pork meat to Russia.