Police tackle robbers off scooter; 2 arrested

Two street robbers on a scooter were arrested by military police after a chase in the night of January 29, around 02:00 am, on the Van Ostade street near the Amsteldijk.

A little before 02:00 a police biker witnessed a woman being robbed of her purse on the Hobbema street and called it in as he started the chase.

biker police
bogers/ Flickr

On the Ruysdaalkade officers in a police car took over the pursuit.

The suspects fled in the direction of "de Pijp," but when they tried to swerve around a police car on the Van Ostade street, an officer jumped out and yanked the passenger by his arm. The scooter continued, swaying, only to crash into a military police car.

The military police officers involved were finishing a surveillance shift near the Dutch National Bank when they heard about the nearby robbery on their radios. When they saw the two men on the scooter, they joined the chase.

The passenger tried to continue his flight on foot, but was apprehended by a military police officer. The driver was slightly injured by the crash and was taken to the hospital, but could join his partner at the police station shortly after.