Off-piste skiing often not insured

Dutch Association of Insurers has informed skiers and snowboarders that insurance does not cover all costs associated with off-piste skiing accidents.

Snow Skiing / Wikipedia

The union has said in the KRO Focal program that people who have an accident off the slopes are not always guaranteed, Nos reported.

The costs incurred by insurance company in an accident outside the snow are often not paid. Sometimes, the costs are paid if there is a ski instructor or guide, according to the union.

The hospital treatment is usually covered by health insurance, but that does not cover the costs for a flight with an air ambulance or air ambulance. The insurance does not cover everything.

"An ambulance costs at least 3,000 euros, an air ambulance from 1000 to 5000 euros, depending on whether you can sit or should be. So that may seem expensive," said a spokesman for the Consumer Focus.

Bert Romani from the Dutch Ski Association said that winter sports enthusiasts are increasingly venturing off-piste, but they are hardly aware of the dangers.

On the new year night, a Dutch skier was killed in an accident in Zell am See, Austria. The 18-year-old ski instructor had gone for skiing alone. A rescue team found him dead on a steep terrain. The rescue service used a helicopter to recover the Dutchman body.

Last year, Prince Friso, the younger brother of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, was died in Austria during a ski holiday. The price was buried in an avalanche in Lech, Austria. The prince was under snow for 25 minutes, and was given CPR for 50 minutes when he was rescued on February 17, 2012.