Friesland wants money for gas issues

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Friesland wants to be compensated for the effects of gas drilling, according to representative Sietske Poepjes to the NOS.

Friesland's part in gas production is only 4 percent of the total production, but soil subsidence due to the extraction of gas causes a disruption in the water levels, resulting in damage to properties, according to Poepjes.

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The deputy announced her plan to write Minister Kamp of Economic Affairs a letter, requesting compensation. Poepjes fears gas drilling activities may be increased in Friesland, now that they are going to be decreased in Groningen and wants to make sure Friesland's voice is heard. The provincial board also wants to be rewarded with a "site advantage, " meaning that the regions with the natural resources receive financial compensation.

The gas fields in Warfstermolen and Anjum, in the east of Friesland are small. Gas is also extracted in Tietjerksteradeel and the Wadden, but the gas fields are small and chances of earth quakes relatively small.

The government decided today to cut back on gas extraction in Groningen in the course of the next few years, which is estimated to cost the Netherlands 2.7 billion euros until 2017, according to Minister Kamp.