Bigger PSV stadium a possibility

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Eventually PSV wants a stadium that can accommodate fifty thousand spectators. The club announced this during training camp in Gran Canaria.

The plan has to be on the table before 2020. It is not yet clear whether the choice will be for new construction or expansion of the current stadium.

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The location at the Frederiklaan in Eindhoven has been PSV's home base since 1913. The Philips Stadium offers space to more than 35 thousand fans.

Earlier, there was already a plan in place to expand the stadium to 45,000 seats, with the 2018 World Cup in mind. Because the Netherlands and Belgium did not get that tournament,  the plan was not realized.

The Brabant club is discussing the long-term vision in Spain. General manager, Tiny Sanders, technical director, Marcel Brands, and Peter Swinkels, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, are participating in the discussions.