Police attacked in Utrecht

Police arrested four in the J.S. de Rijkstraat in Utrecht following an incident where officers were pelted.Emergency services received a report of a fire on the J.S. de Rijkstraat around 1:30 am. When firefighters arrived, they saw a group of young people throwing fireworks. The firefighters requested assistance from the police.

A car engulfed in flames in Veen, where police were assaulted in a riot. 100 were jailed (screenshot from NOS)

As soon as police arrived on the scene, they were attacked by a large group, and pelted with fireworks and glass. Two officers were beaten and filed reports of abuse. Two police cars were destroyed (windshield and tires slashed). To restore the order, the police used their batons. Four people, including a man who had beaten a cop, were arrested.

A similar incident on Tuesday morning landed 100 people in jail when police tried to assist firefighters in their response to a car on fire.