Police catch "cave-dweller" cat burglars

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In a hole in a forest near Zuidlaren in Drenthe on Friday, police arrested two men from Kosovo. The men are suspects in a string of at least 15 burglaries in the area since Christmas Day.The police caught the burglars' trail while checking the area. A bystander in the area reported two men acting suspiciously in the forest. When investigators caught up to the duo, aged 25 and 38, they could not present any identification.

The officers found a variety of goods in the cave, including jewelry and computer equipment, which they say is likely loot from burglaries.

A young man with a metal detector also found more bags with stolen goods on Sunday, reported RTV Drenthe, based on accounts from several witnesses. The police sealed and searched the area immediately after the find. It is not yet clear why police did not immediately search the area.

hole in the forest
Jim Champion

"We have the idea that they have been staying in the hole for longer than one night," announced a spokesperson for the police Saturday.