Car with trouble hit on A6

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A car with trouble along the A6, between Lelystad and Swifterban, was hit from behind by another car. Traffic was completely stuck because the road was closed due to the accident, announced the ANWB Thursday.Two people were injured, one is in bad shape, reported the police. A trauma helicopter was dispatched. The cause of the accident is still unclear, and in which car the injured were. Around 16:00 one lane was opened back up for traffic.

Arnhem, the Netherlands
Photo by Neushorn/Wikimedia Commons

On the A1 motorists are also facing delays due to accidents and emergency repairs, reported the Traffic Information Service Thursday.

Crash barrier repairs at Lochem caused significant delays to traffic in both directions.

On the other side of the country, an unknown number of vehicles crashed into each other in the directions of Amersfoort near the Diemen junction. Another accident near Muiderberg toward Amsterdam also caused traffic to come to a full stop.

The A12 in the direction of The Hague was closed down, near the Center, because three cars crashed into each other. Just as the road had been cleared another accident occurred on the same freeway, near De Meern.