Cops hurt during football clash

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Four policemen were injured Wednesday night when the football match between JCV Cuijk and MVV in Cuijk, Brabant ended in a violent brawl with angry fans.

One officer got a fist to his nose, one was hit in the face with a bottle and another sustained a wound when a barrier fell on his foot. The fourth officer was bit by a police dog. A 38-year-old MVV fan has been arrested; police say more arrests are likely. The KNVB champions match between the competing clubs (MVV is from Maastricht) had apparently been heated from early on, prompting police to send reinforcements to the stadium. MVV fans were spotted setting off firecrackers and causing damage to the stadium. JCV ended up losing the match 2-1, after which the fans clashed with the police officers. During the ruckus that saw the four officers injured, one MVV steward was knocked unconscious. JCV fans threatened MVV trainer Tiny Ruijs (who hails from Cuijk). He was shocked. “We will slit your throat and burn down your house. Those were terrible statements,” Ruijs said. He said his wife has been assaulted in her car after the game, following which police posted units in front of his house for the night. Police were able to quell the the disturbances and escort the MVV supporters safely to their buses. Ruijs meanwhile canceled this morning's practice.