"Death Flights" pilot wants NL to fund his defence

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Former pilot, Julio Poch, is suing the Dutch state. He wants the government to compensate the legal aid he receives, stated his lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops, according to RTL News.Poch is being prosecuted in Argentina for his alleged part in the death flights during the Videla-regime, where people were tortured and thrown out over high seas. The search for and examination of witnesses who speak in Poch's favor, takes a lot of time and money according to Knoops. It is not justified that Poch has to pay for all of it himself, according to Knoops.

The Netherlands is at least partly responsible for the situation Poch finds himself in, so the country owes it to Poch to make sure he gets a fair trial, stated Knoops. That includes the right to the assistance of a Dutch lawyer. The state refuses compensation of any expenses, leaving Poch depending on donations to cover the costs.

The former pilot was arrested over four years ago, but the verdict is still pending, because of the indictment against Poch is part of a larger case. The mass trial may take another three years. The case serves on January 21st