Three Ajax supporters stabbed in Milan

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Several Italian news media reported three Ajax fans stabbed at the San Siro Stadium. It's unclear what their condition is. One 28-year-old supporter is reportedly in critical condition. He lost a lot of blood and was in bad shape, according to an eyewitness.The supporters were attacked close to the San Siro stadium, where Ajax played against AC Milan tonight in the Champions League, according to reports from the Italian newspaper La Republica. One supporter was reportedly stabbed in the abdomen, another in his buttocks, and yet another in his thigh. At least two of the fans were admitted to the San Carlo hospital. Earlier the paper reported one of the fans transported with serious injuries. The fan was undergoing surgery on a serious stomach wound.

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A Dutch eyewitness saw the severely injured fan. 'He was stabbed in the abdomen at least twice, and was losing a lot of blood. He would also drift in and out of consciousness. Italian police officers looked after him. It took a while for the ambulance to arrive. It looked grave,' said the Dutch eyewitness.

Three Ajax fans were arrested by the Italian police after they tried to rob the owner of a market stall. The merchant was injured in the brawl that followed. It is unclear whether the stabbing occurred during that brawl.

A spokesperson for Ajax reported the three fans were injured at a metro station during irregularities. He has no additional news about their condition. The center of Milan was restless all through Wednesday afternoon. Part of the Ajax supporters, about 3,000, clashed with fans from AC Milan.

Ajax fans stormed the Piazza San Fedele in the center of the city, throwing bottles and cans. Earlier Wednesday Ajax fans attacked a group of Italian protesters, with heavy blows being dealt back and forth.