Russia: Dutch Cheese Ban set for Dec. 19

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Thirteen Dutch exporters of dairy products may no longer export products to Russia, starting late next week. This was decided by the Russian Inspection Rosselchoznadzor after checking the companies.The checks reportedly turned up "shortcomings" at the companies, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in a response.

The shortcomings vary per company. The ban especially hits the larger producers of cheese, such as FrieslandCampina, Leerdammer, and DOC Kaas.

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A document of the Russian Food Inspection reveals the import restriction will take effect on December 19. The letter mentions a "temporary" measure, but the duration is not specified. The spokesperson for Economic Affairs did not have that information either.

"It may be that some companies, after a few adjustments, can quickly continue export to Russia," stated the informant. A total of sixty Dutch dairy companies export their products to Russia. The group of thirteen, together, make up almost half of the export to Russia, according to De Telegraaf Tuesday.

Last month Russia already criticized Dutch dairy, when it claimed the inspection methods of the Dutch cheese and milk were not clear. At the time the relationship between the two countries was suffering from political pressure, caused by a string of unfortunate incidents, such as the arrest of a Russian diplomat in The Hague and the Russian coastguard boarding the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise, sailing under Dutch flag.