E-cigarettes only for 18 and up

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A majority of parliament wants the legal age for buying an e-cigarette to go up to 18. VVD and PvdA call on the government to introduce a minimum age.Different studies have shown that electronic cigarettes pose health risks too. The political parties point out that manufacturers specifically target young people by broadcasting commercials on a time when many young people watch TV.

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E-cigarettes are still freely available to everybody. In questions, addressed to State Secretary Van Rijn, MP Rebel of the PvdA suggests to introduce a minimum age as soon as possible, to prevent the e-cigarette to attract a new group of smokers.

It only concerns e-cigarettes that contain nicotine, according to MP Rutte of the VVD.

The minimum age for purchasing tobacco and alcohol will go up to 18, starting January 1st of the new year.