Dutch Nano Satellites launched

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A rocket was launched, Thursday, from a Russian launch base, with three Dutch nano satellites on board. According to the Dutch aerospace company, ISIS, the launch was successful.The Dnepr rocket was launched after 8:00 from a military base in Yasny . The Dutch satellites, the Triton-1, FUNcube-1, and Delfi-n3Xt have the size of a milk carton. First contact with the artificial moons was established  around 10:00, when they first passed over the Netherlands.

Wikimedia commons

The satellites will soon provide different information. The Triton-1 will track ship movements on the oceans map. Dozens more of these satellites are to be sent into space.

The FUNcube-1 satellite will be used for the education of high school students.

The Delfi-n3Xt was developed by students. It took them nearly five years to build the satellite at TU Delft. The Delfi - satellite program of the TU Delft is partly intended for research on rocket propulsion . The satellites also have an antenna that will enable radio amateurs to make contact. A few years ago TU Delft sent its own satellite into space for the first time.