Three Amsterdam cases in "Opsporing Verzocht"

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A liquidation attempt, a shooting incident and a murdered man in a burned down house will be covered in "Opsporing Verzocht" Monday. All three cases take place in Amsterdam.

In the liquidation attempt the victim is a 27 - year-old man. In the night of Friday 16 to Saturday, August 17  he was shot at twice on the Antwerpenbaan. Several men fled after the shooting in a dark Audi A4.

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The second case is about a shooting incident in Buitenveldert on Sunday October 17. A 58- year-old man was shot by an unknown man in front of his apartment in the Bolestein flat. When his 15 -year-old daughter responded to the noise, she was also shot . The two were hit by several bullets and were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The last case is set in Slotervaart . the morning of Saturday November 9 a fire burns down a house in the Elisabeth Boddaerstraat. When the fire fighters enter the house , they find a dead man . A week later it was determined the man was murdered. The victim was the 46- year old Radi Houting from Amsterdam.

Police are looking for witnesses who know anything about the three cases . The broadcast of "Opsporing Verzocht" is Tuesday 21.30 on Netherlands 1 .