Concern antennas U.S. embassy

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The SP and the ChristenUnie want clarification from the government about the antennas on the roof of the United States embassy.

The MPs Segers and Van Raak stated this Thursday night on the Radio 1 program 'Met het Oog op Morgen'.

The antennas can intercept traffic in the vicinity of the embassy, including the Binnenhof and the Ministry of General Affairs, and the information can made readable and audible again, according to the MPs. The U.S. NSA has a space in the American embassy, according to Van Raak from the SP.

NSA Headquarters

In addition, to the two opposition members want to know whether the government has reason to believe that the Americans tapped phone calls and intercepted data in The Hague, just like American embassies elsewhere in the world.

Thursday Mexican media reported that the NSA has an espionage center with advanced technical equipment in the Embassy of America in Mexico City.

The message is reminiscent of the reports of equipment that the British and American embassies in Berlin reportedly have on their roof and which is used to monitor the German government center in Berlin.