Arrests for laundering profits gambling

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Ralf Roletschek

Police arrested four men from Geldrop , Terneuzen , Best and Turnhout for the large-scale laundering of profits from illegal online gambling, announced the National Prosecution Thursday.

It concerns a cash flow of 110 million euros , laundered through a complex structure of domestic and foreign companies . The men reportedly earned 30 to 50 million euros with their practices.

The four were arrested Monday. In May, already eighty houses and business premises were seized in the Netherlands , Belgium , Spain, and Germany. The homes of the suspects, and over a hundred bank accounts were also confiscated.

The main suspect is a 33-year-old man from Geldrop . He earned his starting capital from trade in soft drugs, which he invested in real estate and illegal gambling.

With his 35 - year-old brother from Terneuzen he is a shareholder of several companies, which harbor all kinds of properties. Together they own over 10 million euros in properties in Spain.

The brothers and a 35 - year-old suspect from Best are probably directly involved in illegal online gambling . The fourth suspect is a 60 -year-old Dutchman who lives in Turnhout . He is the financial advisor of the other three suspects .