Hostage taker Reuver not panicked

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The 44-year-old man who held his daughter hostage Thursday, only to end her life, and then take his own, acted very controlled and conscious, according to Roger van Schoote, a neighbor who witnessed the drama.The man was not panicked, or wildly waving, explained Van Schoote in TV program Pauw en Witteman. He was wearing some kind of armor, making it evident he was out to cause harm. He wasn't just after the child. He had the opportunity to get in a car with his daughter and take off, but he didn't, according to the neighbor.

Amsterdam police

Van Schoote, former Marine, came into action when he heard shouting outside. He saw  three people, a man, a woman and a child, and heard the man say he would shoot the woman, and she would never see her child again.

After the woman was hit in the leg the perpetrator aimed the weapon at the neighbor. Van Schoote heard a clicking sound twice, but the weapon did not go off. Van Schoote took the woman inside his house and cared for her until the police arrived.

The neighbor was one of the last to hear about the tragic ending of the hostage-taking. Many homes were evacuated, but residents in the immediate vicinity of the hostages were advised to stay inside.