Shooter Breda court possibly still on the run

In the Breda court a shot was fired Monday, from the public seating, during a session. The suspect is still at large. There were no injuries.The police think only one shooter is involved, who managed to escape and had not yet been arrested by Monday evening. The didn't know whether the suspect is male or female and could not give a description.

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The session has been indefinitely suspended. Five suspects were on trial for ecstasy trafficking and money laundering.

The public seating is separated from the courtroom by glass. There are security gates at the entrance of the public seating, but those are only used during high-risk sessions, which this particular court session was not, according to the spokesperson.

The Breda court tweeted the shot was fired on the steps of the public gallery.

Lawyer Yehudi Moszkowicz, who was presenting his plea at that time, stated after the shot the public fled to one side of the room. A number of police officers were quick to enter the courtroom. Everybody in the public gallery was questioned, as well as the five suspects. The counselor added hearsay has it there is a hole in the ground on the stand, and a gun shell was found.

The suspects are being questioned about the shooting, that's why the case can not yet continue, according to Lawyer Henk van Asselt. Counselor Irma Groenendijk does not want to proceed with the case until the safety of the suspects is guaranteed. If the public gallery has not been checked for fire arms, she wants clarification why.

Five criminal suspects from Roosendaal, among whom two fathers (51 and 49) and their sons (27 and 30), are on trial for the production of drugs, money laundering, and firearms. In a warehouse in Roosendaal they set up a drug laboratory. A thousand liters of acetone were found last year, as well as 24 pounds of MDMA,  and a cannabis plantation. The police also seized large amounts of money and cars.

Last week the men heard sentences of up to six years.