Dutch Researchers to Test Sex Pills For Women

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Dutch researcher Adriaan Tuiten and his team are seeking approval from the U.S. drugs authority FDA to perform phase three clinical trials on a pill to increase sexual desire in women, reports the Volkskrant.

Almere-based research institute wants to test the pills on 1,200 women in the phase three trials, which are the last stage before a pill can be brought onto the market, the paper said.

Photo by Eden Politte/flickr

Researchers have developed two pills. The first, called Lybrido, is a combination of testosterone and Viagra. This pill will be used by women who are not interested in sex, the Volkskrant said.

The other pill, called Lybridos, is a combination of testosterone and anxiety drug buspirone. It is for women who block out sexual desire for various reasons, according to the paper.