Wilders Kicks Bontes Out Of Group

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Geert Wilders announced Tuesday morning that Louis Bontes has been kicked out of the group of PVV in the House. Earlier on Tuesday told the press that he hoped that he could stay as a member of the PVV group.

The PVV leader said that he thinks that the decision to kick Bontes out of the PVV group is a ‘sad moment’. “It is OK to criticize and people within PVV can do that every day. Using the press to blow things up and do some back stabbing, we can’t appreciate.”

“With his actions, Bontes put himself out of the group,” Wilders continued to BNR news radio. Wilders was very unpleased with Bontes calling him a dictator and the other members of the group slaves. He also said that the stories of Bontes about the financial matters are absolutely wrong.

Bontes will stay as MP in the House but not for PVV anymore. He told the press that nobody supported him in the group and that it hurt him very much. He doesn’t understand the decision of his ex-group members. “There is no political difference. If somebody shows some criticism about the management, I don’t think the solution is that that somebody should be removed.” He further said that he will be loyal to PVV in his voting.

No more largest opposition party

Louis Bontes is the last victim of the management style of the PVV - wikipedia

The PVV is without Bontes no longer the largest opposition party. The consequence is that during debates, Wilders will no longer be the first speaker. The first speaker will now be Emile Roemer of SP.

Although Wilders says that it doesn’t matter to him, because the press will follow him anyway everywhere, he will miss the chance to be the first to come with arguments and hence create a certain atmosphere during a debate. A good example was his motion of no confidence which he submitted at the first term during the budget negotiations in the House of last month.

An emergency debate will also not be so easy without Bontes. Previously PVV and SP had enough seats to demand an emergency debate. Although Bontes says that he will be loyal to PVV and also will help them with emergency debates, it might be difficult for him to get all the work done. As a member of a group, some preparatory work and management work can be shared. Now Bontes has to do everything alone for his one-man group.

Wilders Rules

The long list of PVV MPs who fell into disgrace of Wilders, now including Bontes, all tell the same story. Wilders, Fleur Agema and Martin Bosma all rule with an iron hand from their well protected rooms in the parliamentary building. The don’t want anybody to have a say in the way the party operates. Nobody is allowed to propose even, any changes in the democracy of the PVV or may say anything about the way money is used.

Hero Brinkman, Marcial Hernandez, Wim Kortenoeven, Jhim van Bemmel, Oege Bakker, Geert Tomlow and now Louis Bontes all have felt the power of Wilders and his two sergeants. Other PVV MPs always follow exactly the rules of the leadership.

The problem is that Wilders and Bosma both favor the idea of a party without members. In that way they can make all the decisions by themselves. They also know that 99 percent of all the PVV voters don’t care at all how the structure of the party is. As long as the PVV leader will come with populist remarks that fits to them.